Interview: Asking Alexandria


BTC. Second visit of AA to Spain and we can see you with plenty of enthusiasm, ¿what do you expect from our public?
Ben Bruce. We are extremely excited to be returning to Spain. We haven’t been over in a few years and the response we are seeing online is amazing, its gonna be a hell of a good time.

BTC. With the presentation of the single “I Won’t Give In”, the band reveals their intentions to release new material, ¿There are still a lot to see?, ¿or we may listen new song in this show?
Ben Bruce. We will be releasing another new song before we come to Spain so we will definitely be playing a few new songs.

BTC. Comparing “Stand up and Scream” and your new single “I Won’t Give In”, we see a big chance. ¿How do you define the Asking’s musical evolution?
Ben Bruce. I think we have just evolved naturally both as musicians and as people. We have never tried to force ourselves to write and release a specific style of music. We try and write about our own personal experiences and obviously over time we have new experiences which allows us to create new material.

BTC. ¿Which were your reference bands at the beginning? And ¿which are your reference today?
Ben Bruce. Nothing has changed for us. We still love the same music as we always have. From bands like Motley Crue and Guns n’ Roses to bands like Slipknot and Pantera.

BTC. Was it difficult to find a vocalist who could to do cleans and screams? And ¿Why you thought Denis was the right man?
Ben Bruce. We knew straight away the Denis was the right guy for the band. He is incredibly talented and extremely passionate about Asking Alexandria.

BTC. Have you ever thought to include two vocalists, one to do “cleans” and another to do “screams”?
Ben Bruce. No, that isn’t something we are interested in.

BTC. With a good number of tours in your history ¿What is the band you have the best experience? And ¿what band you want to tour together in a future?
Ben Bruce. We have had a million great experiences with Different bands. We are great friends with bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, blessthefall, The Ghost inside etc… we love touring with our friends and any chance we get to tour with friends, we take.

BTC. When you tour, ¿Which is your favorite hobby to disconnect from shows?
Ben Bruce. Drinking!

BTC. Here, in Europe, we don’t have anything that looks alike “Warped Tour”, we would like to know what is and how it is lived the warped tour’s experience.
Ben Bruce. Warped tour is a grueling experience. It is very long and extremely hot, but its a blast. We just get to hang out with friends all summer and play music. Its awesome.

BTC. You have three studio albums and just in two songs you have collaboration, “Hey There Mr. Brook” and “Until The End” ¿What so reluctant are you with the “feat.”?
Ben Bruce. We have nothing against collaborations, but we like to speak our own words and most of the time we just feel we don’t need someone else’s’ voice singing our words.

BTC. Thanks for your time!
Ben Bruce. Cheers

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